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Programs at village green school

Programs at Village Green

The programs and activities at Village Green consist of:

A. Every day experiences

  1. Health - A washing of our hands and face
  2. Nutrition
  3. Social - Playing with other children
    1. Learning to share
    2. Trace letters (age appropriate)
    3. Working together in a group "co-operation"
    4. Encourage "positive playing" and "positive self-esteem"
  4. Physical - Running outside, riding toys, games

B. Alphabet

  1. Introduction to upper and lower case
  2. Trace letters (age appropriate)
  3. Sounds of letters
  4. Association of words beginning with letters
  5. Printing their name (age appropriate)

C. Numbers

  1. Counting
  2. Recognize numbers (age appropriate)
  3. Writing numbers
  4. Associating numbers with set or group of items

D. Shapes

  1. Name of each shape
  2. Learning to draw shapes
  3. Associating shapes with objects that surround them in everyday life

E. Colors

  1. Name colors
  2. Use of colors
  3. Creative, imaginary use of colors

F. Opposites

G. Music

  1. Exciting tapes & CDs, songs, finger play

H. Cooking

  1. Following simple recipes - A definite math experience

I. Reading Stories

  1. Story time
  2. Letter sounds
  3. Rhyming words
Programs at village green school

J. Kindergarten program

Kindergarten at Village Green is a unique experience for your child. We have the advantage of developing our own programs. By doing this we incorporate the curriculum used in neighboring towns for basic kindergarten skills with our own interesting and creative ideas. For instance, Village Green Kindergartners will experience "hands-on" science projects, nature studies, an introduction to American Sign Language, as well as creativity in art and music, math and reading. (In addition to using standard books for reading, our class gets excited about reading by being allowed to write their own stories.)

Our class uses programs advised by the National Humane Society, MSPCA, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Audubon Society in addition to many others. Our programs have grown and adapted to change over our 30+ years of teaching experience. Our program also tries to develop a natural curiosity in children.

K. Summer Camp

Village green offers a year-round "summer camp" program. Contact us for more details.


There is enjoyment for every child in Village Green Kindergarten. Learning can be fun!

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